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A powerful image, combined with consistent and targeted marketing, is critical to success. At :purelife, our services are designed to help strengthen our clients' brands, improve market penetration and open a client dialogue.

Marketing Strategy & Analysis

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:purelife puts our expertise at your disposal, for anything from brainstorming to a complete marketing plan for your business. Whether you are looking to redesign a business flyer or place ads in local or national media, :purelife has the resources to make your decision clear, simple and affordable.

Guiding a firm's strategic development is a two-fold process.

You are a successful entrepreneur.
You put your heart into your business.
Now let everyone else see what you've accomplished.

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Corporate Identity Development

Your brand has a profound impact on client acceptance and commercial success. :purelife helps each client develop a unique identity, a distinctive marketplace presence. We work with our clients to form principle messages, to best position benefits while adhering to values and personality. We ensure that brands are presented consistently throughout our clients' communications, external and internal, to make strong impression on the target market.

Marketing, Communications Planning & Implementation

Many strategic plans fall short because companies fail to follow through with the delivery of programs. :purelife is differentiated from other marketing firms because we go one step further by assisting clients with implementation, helping to make marketing and communications plans become a tactical reality.

  • Time Square

    Time Square, New York

  • Dundas-Younge Square

    Dundas-Younge Square, Toronto

  • Berri-UQAM Station

    Berri-UQAM Station, Montréal

Website Analysis & Design

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We offer a comprehensive balance of strategic, creative and technology-assisted solutions.

Individually, each solution can serve as a vital link between our clients and their markets.

:purelife communications

Analysis and Strategy (I)

No successful online undertaking can get underway without a solid strategy and a sharp, analytical approach to problem solving to back it up. This is where :purelife excels. We have carefully built a company that provides our customers with a meticulous analysis and strategy package as well as a sound design and production methodology.


We are experts at creating loyalty by building a brand from scratch and at rebuilding and enhancing existing brands. It is a process that involves a well-rounded understanding of how customers relate to specific brands. We have used our experience in this area to create a production that ensures each brand we work on will successfully connect with its target market.


:purelife's extensive experience in the design industry has provided us with a unique way of servicing our customers in completing this integrated business marketing strategy. We are firm believers in the user experience concept where the information architecture, navigation and interface design are well planned so that function and form are part of each solution.

Translation & Languages

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:purelife understands that doing business in the global village means being global. Don't let language hold back your ideas. To best suit your need, our consultants can translate any text to and from any of the following 8 languages.

  • English
  • French (France & Canada)
  • Italian
  • German (Switzerland & Germany)
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Spanish (Mexico & Spain)
  • Hungarian

Graphic Design & Print

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Give your brand a unique personality - your own. Our team of artists work within your branding plan to create logos, letterhead, business cards and just about anything else fit to print!


:what we've done

:purelife is a young agency founded on the energy and experience of its team. We have had the opportunity to empower many small businesses with our unique style and focus on results, a sample of our clients have left us a few thoughts…

When I first came to Jason with my problem, I never expected to be this pleased. The team worked with my specific needs. I plan on recommending :purelife to my friends, knowing they too will be delighted.

Florence, Toronto

I was originally hesitant about paying for their services; I've never done that before. After reading the proposal, I decided to give it try. Since then, I have been so impressed that I'm going to use them for my next project. Jason knows his stuff. I never thought that I'd achieve these results!

Katrina Whelan, Toronto

Marc mentioned 'making it all seem easy' was his mission. Mission (and a great website for us) accomplished!

Sam F., Montréal

Our logo was just the start, but that project launched our entire new look. Our most recent store opening was made all the more successful by the :purelife direct mail piece, getting our name out just when we needed it. Thanks!

Henry R., Montréal


:pure ideas

The latest news, information and ideas from the world of marketing, strategy and online trends. See what has been done, what is being done - and then how we can help you do it!


Check out MarketingProfs for more insights.

About Us

:who we are

Marc Roth

Marc Roth
Founder & Marketing Strategist

Marc is a results-oriented marketing strategist with a broad experience across a number of technology- and security-related fields. His areas of interest and expertise include strategic marketing, internal communications, public relations, online and offline brand management, business and marketing planning, market and brand-awareness studies, budgeting and plan execution, as well as guerilla marketing and social commerce.

He founded :purelife communications in 2004 in Montréal, working with a number of small-business clients, as well as managed national marketing strategies with several global brands serving clients worldwide.

Marc holds an MBA in Marketing and Business Strategy from McGill University. He is the cofounder of Brave New Productions, a theatre group active in both Montréal and Toronto, and volunteers at cultural events wherever he can find them.

Michel Tanguay

Michel Tanguay
Partner & IT Specialist

Michel joined :purelife communications in 2010 as an IT consultant and quickly got involved in numerous client-related projects. It didn't take long for him and Marc to start exchanging ideas on how to optimize :purelife's online reach and Michel joined the team as a partner soon after.

In 2001, Michel graduated from Montréal's Cégep de Saint-Laurent in computer science and has ever since worked for numerous companies of various sizes as a programmer and consultant, including CGI, the National Bank of Canada, Bombardier Aerospace and most recently, Canadian National Railway. In his free time, you'll find him in front of his computer either perfecting his tech knowledge or saving the world from hordes of pixelated dragons in the latest MMORPG with his friends.

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    :analysis & strategy

    Internet Integration Plan

    Analysis & Transition Strategy

    Branding Plan

    Positioning & Creative Direction

    Web Site Plan

    Infrastructure & Content Strategy



    Informational/Corporate Site
    Promotional/Advertising Site Programming
    Static (Layouts: HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator, FreeHand)
    Dynamic (Databases: Access, SQL, FileMaker)
    Interactive (CGIs/Forms/Scripting: Perl, PHP, ASP)
    Creative (Multimedia: Flash, Director, QuickTime, RealMedia)


    Hardware, Software, Email, Security and DNS Management
    WWW & FTP

    Web Site Maintenance

    Updates and Upgrades
    Traffic and Log Analysis

    Web Site Promotion

    Viral Marketing
    Banner Advertising
    Directory and Search Engine Listing


    Corporate Identity

    Symbols & Logotypes

    Brand Identity

    Brand & Trademark Design
    Market Positioning

    Nomenclature & Language

    Tag Lines, Signatures & Slogans

    Publication Design

    Corporate Literature
    Product/Service Brochures
    Marketing & Sales Collateral

    Promotion Design

    Sales Promotion
    Direct Marketing

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